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Change Is Good After All (I think)

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Well folks, it's done! After much thought and work, the new Deep Brain Thoughts blog site is up and running!! (Obviously, since you are here now <grin>)

Woo Hoo!!! Yeah! Cool, man!!

First of all, I want to thank all the folks who helped me test the new site, and offered some great comments. And secondly, I want to thank all my readers who have patiently waited while I worked on this thing!


So what are some of the new features of this site? Well, I'm glad you asked! Here are just some of the new features and enhancements that I've made:

  • New smaller, more colorful heading.

  • New footer - reorganized to improve the look, and now contains more useful info: A "Mini" About Me, Subscribe to mailing list, Copyright/Last Updated/User Count, Social Links.

  • New Chat capabilities are now available, which I may make use of in future blogs!

  • The entire site uses the latest Wix blogging format, including Wix Code. This allows the developer (me!) more flexibility with designing and programming the site. And gives you (the reader/user) a better flowing and more pleasant viewing blog!

  • New All Blog posts are now contained on their own page (Blog) and are shown in an editorial-style pattern. Not only that, but the blog pages incorporates - built in - all facets of a blog: Internal logins and profiles, commenting, favorites, categories, and more! Best of all, I didn't have to write anything to give you these new capabilities!! <wink> It's all built in!

  • The font throughout the site is of a lighter style.

  • The main page now shows only the most recent posts.

  • New Menu Bar - The menu bar has been moved below the main heading for better visibility; and I've tried to consolidate/improve menu options.

  • New Upcoming Events page! Learn upcoming Parkinson's events that I may be involved in or that might interest you.

  • My Core Values (i.e. why I started this blog) has been moved from the Main page to the About page (as a roll over) - this saves space on the main page.

  • The Gallery has been split into two different pages: Pictures and Video

  • New enhanced FAQ page breaks FAQs into categories for easier selection and viewing.

  • The Contact Me function will now 'pop up' over whatever blog page you are on without having to lose your place or switch away from what you are viewing. (This is using the new Wix Lightbox property!) This also occurs with the Favorites and Resources menus.

  • And finally, the whole site has a more 'modern' look and feel to it.

Known Current Issues

Even though the site looks cool (well I think so anyway!) there are still a few 'growing pains' that everyone should be aware of:

  • Because there is no blog conversion tool, I am having to re-create each of my old blog posting and cut-paste the text and pictures from the old blog to the new blog format.<ugh> Therefore, it may be a few more days to a week or so before all of my older blog posts are in the new website.

  • It may be somewhat slower on older equipment (such as an old iPad or tablet); please give the pages time to appear. I am also working on tuning the website.

  • Unfortunately, under the new system, blog pages no longer let me choose which font I want to use - therefore my 'signature' is now, for the time being, using an image - and this may not show up properly in Mobile mode. I'm working on a fix.

  • The mobile mode does NOT have a hover control for the About screen to display 'My Core Values' - obviously because on a mobile device you don't have a cursor to move over that control!! I am looking into other ways to provide this on mobile.

Future Enhancements

The current Arby's commercial is pretty funny (I think, anyway) where James Earl Jones - or his voice double - is saying that the sandwich couldn't get any better, at least until you put bacon on it.... How is that relevant to an updated blog site? Well I'm not going to put bacon on the site (oh shucks)... but I use that as an illustration that nothing is really perfect. So I already have some possible changes and enhancements in mind, some of which are:

  • Move the 'In the News' section over to it's own page (with an archive)

  • Possibly provide a way to allow the Blog page to 'scroll' through the listing of all the blog posts. Currently, it shows ALL posts at the start (unless you pick a category) which makes the page big and slower to load.

  • Add a calendar of events to the Events page?

  • There are also many internal things I want to do that will make my life easier and allow me to get news and blog postings out to my readers easier and more quickly.

  • Speed up the site where possible.

  • Provide some kind of on-screen indication (such as a spinning wheel, bouncing ball, etc.) to the user when the site is taking a long time to do something; for instance, pulling up all those blog posts! This would at least let you know that the system is still working in the background.

  • Anything else I can think of or that you, my readers, tell me that needs improvement, fixing, etc.

So there you have it - the 'New' Deep Brain Thoughts! Give it a try, check it out, kick the tires, and take it for a spin! Please feel free to give me your thoughts on the new site, and any ideas on improvements! You can leave comments below, or go to the Contact menu item and send me a private comment. Either way, let me know what you think! And I'll be back again shortly as I continue on with some more Deep Brain Thoughts, so stay tuned!

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