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Change Is Good... Right??

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

At least that is what everyone tells me... But for some things change is sometimes... well, hard! For instance, as far as eating goes, I'm known as the "Same old, same old" kind of guy - I like the same old foods and the same old restaurants - much to the dismay of my wife at times! "Honey, why don't you try some asparagus and peas, maybe you'll like them." Me: "Asparagus?? Peas??? Yuck! Never! Those things don't look right... Bring me my same old food!"

You get the picture, right? So what has this got to do with today's blog entry? Well, believe it or not, this coming January will be two whole years of Deep Brain Thoughts! (Wow, times goes by fast when you're having fun, huh?) I have been giving some thought on the blog, it's structure, my ramblings, and so forth; and I think it may be time for a little change (uh oh!). So I wanted to let you, my readers, know what am thinking about doing here shortly with the blog. And as always, let me know if you agree or disagree with these ideas.

First... My Dialog

I am hoping that everyone so far has enjoyed my ramblings, and maybe I've even helped someone out a time or two (woo hoo!) But lately, I've felt like I'm... well... just 'regurgitating' information. This has been especially true with my latest series, Parkinson's Illegitimate Children. I know, I know, I have hopefully consolidated a lot of information down into one manageable chunk, and even injected my own experience with these into the posting... but still, sometimes I feel like I am just 'spitting' out information. So what I am going to try to do in the future is to go back to the 'roots' of my blog - things like my DBS series, my '10 Consequences...' entry - those things that I feel passionate about (or can poke fun at myself a bit). In other words, maybe put a little more 'soul' into my writings.

Does that mean I won't do any more series or put out informative articles?? Of course not - all I am saying is that I am going to try to put a little more of me and my experiences back into the blog - and not just regurgitate information back to you. I think that will help breath a little more life into the blog.

Reader Participation

OK, I realize that everyone doesn't 'want' to comment back to me or the reader community - and that's OK. But I also realize that when you do, you most likely don't want to use an application that one has to 'log into' like Discus (which I use at the end of each blog entry for any discussion). With the recent crap going on at Facebook and their sharing of data willy-nilly, I myself am also cautious of using things like that.

With this in mind, I am going to be looking into using a different app or technology that will allow you to ask questions and/or discuss related topics with me and our other readers without having to login to some unfamiliar site somewhere. Whether that means I find another application, or I write something myself, remains to be seen. My hope is that folks can simply post comments either anonymously, or by a name (real or an avatar) and not have to log in or provide their email. This means, of course, I'll also have to find a way to keep those spammers and such from posting annoying messages!

On a side note - I have another confession related to this I have to make: I've been very slouchy at monitoring the DeepBrainThoughts email account. Because it was not set up on my regular mail application, I ... well, forgot about it! I have rectified that situation, however, and now I will be monitoring the account on a daily basis. So if you have ever sent me email on DeepBrainThoughts and I never responded... I apologize up front now (red face) and I will try to do better in the future.

Anyway, trying to find (and/or write) a new 'Comments' posting technology may take some time; therefore, for now I will continue keeping the Discus app out there; but I also will be posting the Deep Brain Thoughts 'Contact Me' email link at the bottom of each blog entry. In this way, if you have questions or want to comment to me privately on an entry then you can do so by simply clicking on that link.

The Website "What? You're changing the website? But I like it!" Well, thank you! <grin> I do believe that I did a fairly decent job in coming up with the initial design <pat on back>. But let's face it - the design is almost two years old! And there have been additional design techniques and technologies that have come out since that day in January 2017 when I published my first blog posting.

I -may- even consider a different web platform to use - although I like Wix and it is powerful (like their new Wix Code technology that egg heads like me can use to 'program' things on their websites!), there are still certain things that Wix does or doesn't have that bug me. For instance, do you wonder why I put things like '<grin>' in my writing instead of using an emoji?? That's because Wix doesn't yet support emojis!! Argh!! Anyway, I may take a look around at a few other web platforms to use - although I'm pretty ingrained into Wix, so making a jump to another platform probably won't happen... but who knows? It's OK to go and and kick the tires of a few other automobiles out there, right?? <smile>

So, I am going to take a good, hard look at the website itself and it's design and see if there is anything I can do or add that might 'spruce' it up a bit. I also know that some of you who try to view the site on a mobile device might not see it properly or be overwhelmed with graphics and such (i.e. It's SLOW!). That is also something I will consider in any kind of new modifications to the website. So don't be surprised if you start seeing some changes on the website - anywhere from some minor layout changes, all the way up to a whole new design!

'Guest' Bloggers

OK, what's a 'Guest Blogger'? Oh, I'm so glad you asked - because that means it definition time again!! So, from my own "Tom's Brain" dictionary, I consider a guest blogger to be either: a. Another blogger out there in the 'blogging universe' who has their own site but is invited to write an article for another blog; or b. Someone who isn't a blogger but rather is involved in whatever topic you are reporting on (in this case, Parkinson's) and has some interesting thoughts and experiences that could be of use to the reading community.

Whew! In my case, though, I am referring to 'b' above. I know individuals out in the community that might have some good ideas to share, or may have experiences on certain topics that I don't. So I may, every once in a while, have a guest blogger coming in to present a topic of interest to the rest of us. I've already got some ideas and individuals in mind, so look out!! <evil grin>

Other Ideas

I am toying about with a couple of other ideas for Deep Brain Thoughts - for instance, maybe an occasional video blog entry (like the one used by Tim Allen in the TV show 'Last Man Standing') Of course, I am not sure anyone wants to see my ugly mug up on the screen... it might scare little children - but it's an idea worth contemplating. Another idea is having an occasional survey, in order for me to gain a little more insight into what you are thinking out there, and also to get some interesting stats to present back to everyone. Feedback, after all, really is a good thing!

And there are even a few other ideas rolling around my head that I just may implement if I have time and I think those ideas will benefit all of us. I'll try to keep things simple - let's not go overboard with this change idea - but as always, let me know your thoughts on these or any other ideas you might want to see on this blog - after all, without you out there, there would be no Deep Brain Thoughts!


The Result?

I don't know exactly what the result of all this will be - but I do believe it will make the blog a little bit more attractive, a little bit easier to use, hopefully a little faster; yet still provide information and fun reading for you, my readers.

So stay tuned! And keep saying to yourself, "Change is good, change is good..." You know I am going to be repeating that all during this time!!

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