2019.12.31 Version 2.5

  • Changed search to use new Wix search results windows

  • Optimized look of website header and footer

  • Optimized mobile layout

2019.05.23 Version 2.4

  • Added new tab - Tom's Reviews

  • Updated login bar/controls to new Wix login app

2019.04.02 Version 2.3

  • Added new mobile features - New mobile menu, welcome screen, animations

  • Various bug fixes

2018.09.01 Version 2.2

  • Corrected issue with IN THE NEWS widget not displaying all active news items

  • Various bug fixes

2018.08.22 Version 2.1

  • Rebuilt the Tom's "UPDATES" and "IN THE NEWS" widgets to use the Wix Data database to store news items.

  • Created a FULL news page to display all news items

2018.08.17 Beta Test Website Updates - RELEASE CANDIDATE

  • Moved RESOURCES, FAVORITES and CONTACT form to LightBox pop-up

  • Added a first time use only "Welcome" pop-up

  • Added members page Quick Link 

  • Optimized the mobile layout

  • Added chat capabilities

  • Various other tweaks and layout changes


2018.08.15 Beta Test Website Updates

  • Moved EVENTS item to it's own page and added to menu

  • Optimized the mobile layout

  • Bolded the roll over text on the About page

  • Added a little more spacing around items on main page

  • Various other tweaks


2018.08.14 Beta Test Website Updates

  • Re-aligned a few items on the main screen

  • Added a Go To icon set at top of left column for quick scrolling to various areas of the main page

  • Slimmed down the height of the header (hopefully it will stay this time!

  • Made the Contact form input fields a little larger.

  • Mobile view optimized with new updates


2018.08.13 Beta Test Website Updates

  • Spelling corrections

  • Changed layout of Blog page from 'Brick' style to 'Editorial'

  • Changed main page to two (2) columns format

  • Changed main menu strip to highlight which menu entry you are using when clicked

  • Removed bullets from Tom's Updates and In The News panels on main page; and simplified layout of those panels

  • Changed About picture to hover box so that when one places the mouse pointer over the image, it will display my 'Core' values 

  • Various other bug/formatting fixes

2018.08.03 New updated Deep Brain Thoughts website!

  • New Wix Blog template/format (New)

    • A more dynamic formatting of website, using new Wix blog template and Wix code in back

    • Members page (New)

      • Members can customize their own profile page and check out each other’s latest posts, followers, comments​

    • Blog commenting is now handled automatically by Wix. No more need for side apps like Discus (New)

      • Unfortunately in order to enable commenting one will need to logon to the blog web site; however, since this is a Wix site and not some external site, is should be better contained and more secure​

    • Hashtag support (New)

    • Blog posts are now on their own page (New)

  • Enhanced mobile device support (New)

    • Viewing the website on mobile should now be better optimized​

  • Many, many other enhancements!​

  • 2018.07.01 First Version of new Deep Brain Thoughts

Known Issues at this time

  • Because there is no blog convert tool, I am having to re-create each blog entry and cut-paste each one from the current production blog to the new blog format. Therefore, at this time not all of my older blog posts are in the new website.

  • It may be somewhat slower on older equipment (such as an old iPad or tablet); please give the pages time to appear; I am also working on tuning the website.

  • Blog pages no longer let me choose which font I want to use - therefore my 'signature' is now using an image - this may not show up properly in Mobile mode.

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